Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cushions in progress

I'm not a seamstress, so I pay attention to quick-and-dirty methods of getting the job done right. Here is my box cushion cover method.

1) Cut pieces of fabric larger than each side of the cushion. I'm not picky on how much larger, as long as its at least 2" in both directions.

2) One side will have the zipper. That one should be extra wide - you will cut it in half and install the zipper before continuing. Once the zipper is in, treat it just like every other side.

3) Lay the top fabric piece on the cushion, right side facing in. Pin the side pieces to the cushion so they stay in place.

4) Now, start pinning the sides together along each seam. Be sure to pull the fabric taut as you go - that is what will give you a smooth finished cushion. Flip the cushion and put the bottom piece on what is now the top. Pin that all around the edges. Photo above shows the cushion with right sides pinned together just before flipping it.

5) Open the zipper and pull the cover off through the opening. While it's still inside-out, sew it shut all along your pinned seams.

6) Flip it right side out and try it on. You should have nice smooth seams along each edge. For some reason, my corners always seem to have a little extra sag - I think it's because I'm afraid to pull the fabric too tight.

7) Flip the cover inside out one more time - trim back the edges and serge them if you have a serger, or use fray-chek if you don't.

You need lots of pins, since they will be your only sewing guideline once you've pulled the cover off the cushion ... and a few of them will pop out in the process of getting the cover off the cushion.

Don't be afraid to pull the fabric nice and taut. I usually pin all the edges once, then go back around and adjust them all ... and I still seem to have a little wiggle room in my corners.

If you have trouble getting the zipper open (it should be inside-out when you try), use needlenose pliers to grab the head.

There you have it ... the non-seamstress way of covering a cushion :)


  1. Awesome job!! I paid someone to do mine because I'm not gutsy enough to do it myself. :)

  2. Hi, Thank you so much for your tutorial....makes me wish I had tried doing mine myself...I sent mine out, and am still waiting for them...I can sew straight...but that's about it for my sewing skills :D, I probablly would have to make buttons, don't think I could do the zipper though..but I would still like to give it a try "D
    Nice meeting another Trailer gal!