Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Building her cocoon

She's building her cocoon to sleep in all winter ... hopefully to emerge as a beautiful butterfly in the spring.

It's taken us almost a month to get to this point - between clearing out a flat spot in the yard, finding and getting the garage delivered and all the setup, we've gotten almost nothing else done. And, we can expect to get little to nothing else done until after the 1st of the year. December is just too busy to take on any tasks.

But I will be looking forward to having a workspace for the winter to start pulling off sides, inspecting and replacing wood, and the like. Hiatus for now...


  1. Oh how neat that you have room to build a nice little nesting place for your compact! :) I'm fortunate that my loflyte fits in our garage along with our vehicles. Just one more justification that I bought the right camper for me after all. :)

  2. We have 9.5 acres ... but no garage. In fact, I think I heard the truck grumbling about the camper getting the only winter shelter ... :)