Friday, October 8, 2010

She's Legal!

Got the plates on Tuesday; inspection today. She's not pretty yet, but she's road-worthy. Or so they tell me ... we'll find out next weekend on a planned 'test camp' excursion.

Hopefully I'll have pictures of the new bunk up this weekend. Finished fabricating it out of three sections of bi-fold doors, whitewashed, spar urethaned and installed on piano hinges.

Still working on the poplar rail to go across the front and a small ladder that will hopefully double as additional guard rail. Stained the rail yesterday and boy, was I peeved! 'Red oak' stain that looks more like black walnut! Sanded most of it down and started again with cinnamon. Not exactly what I wanted, but what I had on hand. It works.

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  1. Yay! Brilliant idea on making a new bunk! We decided to remove our bunk totally, take off the back section and remount just the front half to use as a storage/decorative shelf. I didn't forsee allowing anyone to sleep in the bunk so figured I could use it as a shelf and if we only used half of it, I'd be less likely to knock myself out sitting up in teh bed .. ha ha! Congrats!